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My Story

     I began my interest in the stars with a telescope, which eventually lead to graduate school for astrophysics. At that time, my life-long interest in the spirit lead me increasingly towards astrology. The astrophysics research that fell into my lap just happened to be about the asteroid Vesta, one of the main asteroids that astrologers use. It was only much later in my studies that I realized that Vesta is conjoins my Ascendant (Vesta was rising in the East at the time I was born), the point in the horoscope that describes the personality. Serendipitous! -and just like that, astrology offered one more glimpse into the mysterious connection between the psyche and the sky above. Along with these insights, my compassion for people has grown (as my wife commented — which was probably the main reason she got on board with astrology! — seeing as to how it had a positive effect on me), and now I am enthusiastic about sharing my knowledge, and particular idiom, with others.

    Astronomology is astrology first and foremost. However, very few astrologers use telescopes, and that even fewer study the scientific aspects of the planets that guide their craft. Therefore, I combine astronomy and astrology (hence “astronomology”) to find new insight into the celestial mirror above. It is exactly this type of keen analysis that has lead to my inclusion in a newish astrology book by Nadiya Shah, The Universe is Wise and Loving, released in 2020. I am currently studying in the Hellenistic tradition along the lines of Demetra George, who is also one of the pioneers of incorporating asteroids into astrology; the mythological approach with Adam Sommer; and will take the Hermetic astrology course in early 2022 taught by Gary Caton. 

    My readings provide you with awareness of how the various planetary configurations reflect your psychology and interplay with the world, which in turn informs the practical next steps you might take to address whatever your current concerns might be. I uses a plethora of techniques which include the natal chart, transits, progressions and eclipses, to address concerns such as career, psychology, relationships, and choosing the right date for an event. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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