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You can also call these "readings." They are more properly thought of as consultations, since there is a lot of back and forth.

Birth chart Reading

Birth Chart Reading

90 minutes /  $150

What was coming up over the Eastern horizon the moment you were born? As you were birthed into the world, the zodiac sign that was simultaneously rising was “birthed” into the world — into the visible sky. This sign imprinted onto your character, so that you now carry that sign’s qualities with you. Where was the Sun U? Was it up and shining? Or was it below the nighttime Earth, resting? What sign was the Sun in? How about the Moon s? Was it a full moon high in the sky? That would have a very different effect than a new moon setting…don’t you think? What if your mother who birthed you was out in a field, while you emerged into the world? What if the doula, or her friend, or her lover, carefully retrieved you, a fresh baby taking your first breaths, and placed you into your mother's arms. Imagine her exhausted, yet relieved, smile as she reveled in your miraculous tiny body. Then imagine your mother looking up at the sky, Venus f shining bright, or Mars h pulsing red near the horizon. How would your mother feel? What is that red planet saying to her? 


The natal chart carries the dynamism of all the planets. I include several asteroids in your birth chart, as well as some points that are not physical bodies, but rather energetic spots such as the Lunar Nodes, which describe where the Sun’s orbit crosses the Moon’s orbit. All of these points in the chart carry archetypal energies.


You can easily spend days looking at the intricacies of these powers — how they overlap or relate to each other, and in what areas of your life they apply. We will spend about 90 minutes, which is a pretty good start on revealing what the planets say about your élan vital. We address the biggest areas first: your Sun, Moon and Rising signs. We look at the astronomy of your birth, using a planetarium program — what did the sky look like? Where were the constellations? Which planet was highest in the sky? Here's an example, using Native American constellations:

I point out certain things that really stand out to me. During my pre-meeting analysis, which results in a long document, I look for unusual patterns that are distinctive to my approach — in particular, using the 5th harmonic series — quintiles, biquintiles, tredeciles (which include the magical number 108˚) and deciles. Here’s an example which I have dubbed the Half-talent Crystal:

These aspects (geometries) carry creative, spiritual energies. I like to focus on them because they add an element of mystical positivity. This can counterbalance any difficult signatures present in your horoscope (and there's always that, in the chart and in life). 

Year-ahead Reading

Year-ahead Reading

2 hours  /  $250

This is the most detailed report that I offer. It gives a color-coded month-by-month playlist of your upcoming year's energies. Here's an example of the chart that you receive, but of course it will look completely different from this one, since it will be personalized to your birth planets:

Untitled 7.png

This is about half of the astro info that you get, but it's in symbols, so unless your an astrologer it's difficult to understand. The best part is: in the next page of your written report, I take all those glyphs and convert them into words! That way you can glance at any month in the coming year and scroll down with your eyes to read a phrase or two that captures the essence of that time period.

You can then use this information to help to navigate your life. For example, what if you've fallen out of love with your partner and wanting out? Well, if Venus f is telling you that you're feeling more sensitive in the love area than usual, and simultaneously a different planetary configuration, maybe the asteroid Chariklo is squaring your natal Sun, is telling you that you need more space for five months this year, then the advice might be to hang tight and wait for that feeling to pass, rather than file for a divorce. See?

Relationsip Consult


Relationship Consultation

2 hours  /  $200

This is mostly for couples, but could be for any two people, like mother and daughter. Ideally, both persons are present, but as long as the permission is given, only one member needs to be at the reading. 

We look at each person's birth chart, and I cast a "composite" chart, which is a combination of the two charts. That's the chart of the relationship itself. It's pretty cool, and lends a lot of insight. Then We can compare all three charts. Maybe you're an Aries Sun, your husband is a Gemini Sun, and your composite chart is a Scorpio Sun - so you might be immediate and initiating, and your husband multi-faceted, but as a couple there might be a lot of intense loaded emotions that interfere with the natural flow normally available to an Aries/Gemini match. We can then address possible solutions if that's been an issue, for example leaning into the beneficial relationship that your Pisces Venus makes to his Capricorn Mars.  Et cetera, et cetera... 

Current Transits Consult

90 minutes /  $150

This is kind of a combination between a natal reading and a Year-ahead reading. It's not as detailed as the Year-ahead, but rather focuses more on the general state of the planets (and your life!) at this time and for the next year (or longer if you prefer - in fact, you may want to see what's going on several years from now.)  We look at how the current planetary positions effect your chart, and focus on the areas of life that you want to most know about - career, love, your kids, which cereal to eat - whatever!

Current Transits

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