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Let the Stars Guide You

Together, through conversation, we touch those hidden parts of your soul longing for attention and expression, combining ancient and modern astrology paradigms.


New podcast with Anastasia Ryzhkova

We talk mostly about Persephone for two hours here. This is the beginnings of a long journey into the underworld of Persphonal themes in astrology. We will likely have another conversation next year, after more thoroughly developing theses ideas. 

To find out what Persephone means for you, get the Natal Reading

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Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Astrology

Noah Frere Astrology


I'm an astrologer combining traditional Hellenistic techniques with modern facets such as asteroids, with a heightened awareness of the astronomy underlying the craft.

I strive to connect universal archetypes with all areas of life. Since astrology is a language, every word and phrase, and thus every life situation, or psychological state, can be translated into astrology. 

"Never before has anyone articulated my soul and my life purpose to the degree that Noah did in our first reading. I was blown away!"

Meg DeMatteo

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