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29˚ Sagittarius

I recorded this video (attached below, but you might want to finish reading this before you watch) yesterday (December 20th, 2022) just before the Sun entered the anaretic (final) degree of Sagittarius. I love the 30th degree, because it’s so powerful and surprising; and because it leads inevitably to the first degree of the next Sign (not taking retrogrades into account). This often causes discomfort for the planet in question. Shortly after recording it, I was reviewing it, feeling somewhat unhappy with the didactic (or teacher-like?) tone that I somehow acquired. I was like — what the heck? What is this? Who is this guy? I was wanting to release the video that afternoon when the Sun entered that 30th degree, and considering completely re-recording it.

Then I got a phone-call from an old friend who needed a ride to the urgent care clinic because he broke his ankle. We talked for 10 minutes, during which time I received a text from my mom, stating that her sister had just passed away a few minutes earlier. All this happened exactly when the Sun was at 29˚00’ Sagittarius, the very beginning of the final degree. And now, if you please, a prayer for my Aunt Susie…

…and also for my friend — who I’d been trying to hook up with for a long time but was unable to, until a broken ankle catalyzed it — and who’s problems go much deeper than a broken bone.

Much of my Sag season was like this: constant interruptions; inability to follow through. This makes sense because Sag is a Mutable Sign, which is the mode of change, and very amenable to death as well. It demands that we adapt. But how can we expect the Sun to adapt to the anaretic degree when it knows it’s about to enter Capricorn, which operates in a wholly different mode? That’s asking a lot. Yet, going from Sag to Cap, or from any Sign to another Sign, requires a fantastic change. So maybe all the Sun’s energy is going into making that intense change — from playful and adventurous, to actively, studiously receptive. Another fact that links the Sag/Cap cusp is the Solstice: the Sun reaches its minimum height in the Northern hemisphere (think: shortest day) at exactly the moment that connects Sagittarius and Capricorn. In fact, it’s not really fair to think of it as only a Capricornian event. I hereby declare the Solstice to harbor Sagittarian truths as well.

So with all these intense changes, I’ve rewatched my dorky video and decided that it’s fine. I hope you get something out of it!

One more thing: on the way to pick up my friend, I knew the Moon was in its Balsamic phase — a thin waning crescent — above and to the right of the rising Sun. So I stopped the car when I unexpectedly found myself with a good view of the Eastern horizon, and searched, not actually expecting to find it, so dim and thin I knew it must be. However, I have lots of experience finding muted things in the sky, and indeed, I did find it. I was, as always, elated, and even took a picture with my iPhone.

After editing, I was able to pull out (once I found it in the picture!) a little detail, and share it here (it’s super blurry, but in real life was sharp and sweet). It’s a terrible picture, but it still captures the moment. It’s only 5% illuminated, and had entered Sag just a few hours earlier, so reflecting those intense anaretic solar rays.

Happy Holidays!

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1 Comment

Karl Hess
Dec 22, 2022

Great job!

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