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From Aquarius to Pisces

Going from Aquarius to Pisces is a strange adventure, since the Sun crosses the boundary from an an airy, yang place, into a watery, yin place, which is completely different; from Saturn territory to Jupiter's realm. Yet there is something connecting them: it goes from space to spaciousness.

This month, I’d like to like to take you on another guided meditation. You can hear a recording of the following short story on Instagram:

Here’s the text of the meditation in the video:

Aquarius to Pisces.


You have been expanding for some time now.

As you go further and further into the deep reaches of open air,

the spaciousness is all around you.

Yet, you can still see the borders from which you came.

If you reached your hand behind you quickly enough you could touch the edge.

But as your space becomes larger, the border gets farther and farther away.

Eventually, even if you traveled back at the speed of light,

you would not catch that receding border;

you can no longer see it; it is no longer there.

You no longer have a sense of up, or down,

or left, or right; or even outward or inward.

You're floating.

And as you float there, you notice a moisture forming in the air around you;

and your skin begins to feel dewy.

Pretty soon you are completely immersed in water.

You slow down, and you stop.

You can turn around your direction,

but no matter which way you turn, there is no sense of up or down.

There's no ceiling; there's no floor; there's only water.

You notice some water bunnies hopping in the distance.

They hop right past you,

and you start to feel yourself enlargening.

As you grow, your body becomes more watery.

There are more bunnies to your left; more bunnies to your right -

whichever way left and right might be.

You grow until your body is no longer what it was. You are now

becoming water.

You are enveloping all of the bunnies in all directions, hopping about.

You are so large now that you seem to be the whole water.

And the bunnies send ripples through your body, through various parts,

and as they ripple it shimmers, and it tickles.

You feel the joy of tickling, and you giggle.

The joy of tickling, and you get giggle.




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