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Dripping Water Eclipse

Yesterday I was watering a plant in my kitchen sink. The plant was so root bound, that the water just floated on top of the soil and made a small lake, confined by the sides of the pot. I knew from experience that the water was not reaching most of the soil. If you wait long enough, sure, the water will drain, but only down one or two pre-established pathways, most likely near the edge of the pot. How do you get the water to bust through the roots? One way is to repot, but we already talked about that possibility in an earlier post, Dandelion Eclipse. Another way is to poke holes into the toughened soil and let the water start working its way down through those holes. It takes quite a while for the water to penetrate the soil around the holes but eventually it happens. We are still in the dragon hole (the two weeks between eclipses), so our tunneling between the Taurus lunar eclipse from November 19th and the Sagittarius solar eclipse December 4th could take the form of poking those holes. Where are you root-bound? Where is the matrix of your life so thick that you can’t get the life-giving waters of spirit in?

So yesterday I put the water on a slow flow, just enough to let the pond maintain its depth as it continued to soak in and hopefully penetrate the soil without me having to poke holes. Sometimes I don’t feel like poking holes. It seems kind of invasive, although it doesn’t really hurt the plant. After a while I felt that was enough pooling, so I lowered the water flow to just a drip. Here’s the irony! — whereas the slow flow had no visible effect on the surface of the soil, the singular drip did. Although it was only one tiny drip, the percussion of each one obliterated the surface, and began poking it’s own hole into the soil, deeper with each strike. Surprisingly, the less water, the greater the disturbance. It’s no mystery really: the pond of water buffered the incoming stream, preventing the shock; whereas the single drips did not allow enough water to form atop the surface, causing the agitation. But it made me wonder about amounts. What’s the proper rate of flow to optimize our nourishment? How much meditation is too much meditation? How many prayers should we say per day? It depends. It depends on what we’re addressing, on the issues of the hour. Sometimes we poke holes in our etheric layer, sometimes we let the spirit pool, and sometimes we let the realizations from random happenings penetrate our consciousness, whereby spirit can enter the deeper, thicker, inflexible recesses of our mind.

Where are we stubborn? Scorpio and Taurus are fixed signs. They signaled the beginning of the dragon hole. Scorpio season is supposedly over, but visionary Sagittarius corrects for the scorpions singular sting. The patterns set up last month may reverberate this December. It didn’t feel right yesterday for those powerful drops to disturb my smooth soil. So I turned up the water pressure again and picked up the sprayer and distributed the finer stream evenly over the plant, swaying the shower back and forth, until I was satisfied. This is Sagittarian, because Sag is a mutable sign, as opposed to fixed. It requires shifting. While this isn’t the most difficult task, it does take some practice getting the right water pressure and speed of movement. And it can change with each plant. If you have too many plants to water (hmm…) this really can eat into your day! How can you do the dishes if you have to sit staring out the window, processing some unresolved dilemma?

Let’s use this solar eclipse on December 4th to spread the spirit more evenly around — whether that’s your own personal situations, or those in your greater social life. We have dug enough holes for now. We have searched deeply and discovered secrets. Now let’s let the fire of intuition relieve the pressure. Even as this eclipse brings a close to the 18-month Gemini/Sagittarius eclipse set until 2029, the lunar nodes, which describe our life trajectory, are still present on that axis for a bit longer. They will be moving into Taurus/Scorpio next month. But when they do, if we allow ourselves to breathe this month, the new tunnels we dig should be wider and more spacious. The tunnels will have couches along the sides, becoming living rooms.

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