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Sun, Mercury & Vesta Conjunction

Today, Nov. 28th, 2021, Mercury gained a little extra boost. He rode the Centaur’s arrow and caught up to Vesta, who is aged in this society and moving about 4 times slower. Mercury is mind, and Vesta is devotion. Upon what do you focus your thoughts? What target is Sagittarius’ arrow aiming for? Once the arrow is released, it’s out of your hands. The wind may shift it a little, but Sagittarius is a fire sign, not an air sign. It’s more likely to harden in the fire and fly ever stronger.

Tonight, Mercury will catch up to the Sun, having concentrated its allegiance with the help of Vesta. Vesta is the fire-keeper, the hearth-heater. She flames Mercury’s convictions.

This is not a time of intentions. That happens during Mercury retrograde. This is the time to deliver. This week, you have the chance to collect the mythical and noble mental fruits that your mind-sights directed you towards in late September and October (Libra season). Sagittarius likes to dart. The arrow may fly straight and far across the field, improbably far, while you dart across on your steed, first left, then right, then left again, revising as you must to avoid the shifty fires. There is a duality here: the goal is one, but the means is many. This is a Sagittarius strength. The horse’s thighs are strong in Sag. You have the energy to make it to the other side of the field. You will arrive at the target much later than your arrow, your Libran thoughts, but when you do, you may prise the arrow from the mark. How do we catch up to our thoughts? The arrow will drip with the life-force of its object. Touch that stuff. Good — now you have caught up with your thoughts!

Here is the Tennessee sky today during the Mercury/Vesta conjunction at 3 pm EST:

Here’s a close-up. Mercury travelled from right to left, as shown by the orange arrow, passing just barely below the Sun. They are within the claws of the constellation Scorpio, reminding us that that’s where the post-Libran work was done. Vesta floats a little above, providing some perspective on the issues. The Sun has spent the last couple days passing Vesta, so the processes that I present here about Mercury conjoining Sun also apply to Vesta, only the themes are of devotion, focus, and wholeness. You may be wondering why a Sagittarius conjunction is happening in the Scorpion’s claws? That’s for another post, but I’ll just say this for now: Signs ≠ constellations.

As Mercury passes the Sun tonight, think of the geometry of the event: Mercury is as far from the Earth as they get — on the other side of the Sun. Therefore, we must look directly through the Sun to see our thoughts! What does that mean? Normally, Mercury reveals our soul’s Intelligence (Sun) to us, taking the form of thoughts and words. But this is the one time when it’s reversed: the soul reveals the nature of the mind. This is the revelation of thought-seeds from the past, as well as the revelation of thought itself. What is a concept? Now is the time to realize. Use your intuition, a fire quality. Then orate. Speak your truth! I can’t think of a better time.

The Sabian symbol for the 7th degree of Sagittarius is “Cupid knocks at the door of a human heart.”

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