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From Capricorn to Aquarius

Going from Capricorn to Aquarius is the most natural thing in the world, yet it’s also, in a sense, uncomfortable, since the Sun crosses the boundary from an earthy, yin place, into an airy, yang place, which is almost completely different. From the mountain to the cloud. The only thing connecting these two Signs is the fact that they are both ruled by Saturn — which is saying quite a lot! — because there are no other two consecutive Signs in the zodiac so joined by a common ruler.

This month, I’d like to do something different as well. I’d like to take you on a guided meditation. Perhaps I’ll record the following short story with pretty new age music in the background (that parts a joke — the new age part I mean…I’m more likely to have roughly improvised clarinet), and if so, then I’ll share it with you as an addendum later. That way you can close you eyes while you listen. However, until that time, you must read the words yourselves (or get someone to read them for you).

We’ll start with Capricorn, just as January began with the Goatfish, but will end somewhere else.


Imagine that your body is shrinking. You become the size of a mouse, then fall through the crevice in the floor and are the size of a single molecule. You shrink further until you are an atom, and then a proton, and then a quark. You become smaller still but are always physical. Each moment brings a creation of something new. As you continue to shrink, you realize that the space around you is textured. At first it seems glossy and light, but eventually becomes thicker, and the grains become smaller and more finely packed, like wispy clouds turning into bubble wrap. All the cells are similar in shape and size and then you notice that you yourself are merely one of these cells. Yet, you all continue to shrink together, getting impossibly small, and dense. You feel all the cells tightening into a singular space, smaller then universe is wide — or, exactly as small as the universe is wide: because, suddenly, inexplicably, your awareness shifts, and you feel the borders of your body; and as soon as you do, you realize that there is an infinite space between those borders. As you shift your focus to the inside, your vision expands to reach across this space. Your body stops contracting, and you are surrounded by air, a limitless expanse of possibility that never ends. You are now so tiny, that everything around you is large, large, large. You are no longer a body, but a state of pure mind — spacious, as you enter Aquarius.

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28 ene 2023

So cool.

Me gusta

Karl Hess
27 ene 2023

Thank you, Noah, for sharing💗

Me gusta
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